SAINT JOHN, NB – Residents living in flood prone Glen Falls will be hearing about a potential solution to their woes in an upcoming meeting with the city.

Diverting the water won’t come cheap.

A solution to the flooding was made at Common Council last night – but it won’t remove the problem, and it isn’t cheap.

Commissioner of Municipal Operations Paul Groody recommended installing a piped storm water diversion system, but that would cost more than 91.3 million dollars – and would only help alleviate the flooding.

Mayor Ivan Court noted that a motion was passed about holding a town hall meeting soon to discuss possible solutions for the area – including having the city buy up the properties in the flood plain.

” For those who are probably willing to move or sell their properties, we should be looking at that as an alternative to what happens every spring,” he said. “There are some really sad cases out there, that people have their livelihood invested in their home and they can’t sell it or do whatever with it.”

He says normally in these types of situations, the properties are purchased for market value plus a percentage above that figure.