SAINT JOHN, NB – It looks like any plans to build a second nuclear reactor in the province are on the back burner now that a Conservative government will take the reins in New Brunswick.

The premier-elect says he plans to shelve future plans with Areva.

Premier-elect David Alward in a Telegraph-Journal report says his focus will be on seeing the completion of the over-due Point Lepreau refurbishment.

Areva, the New Brunswick government and NB Power announced a deal earlier this year that would examine the feasibility of building a light-water nuclear reactor in the province by 2020 and to also create a clean energy park.

At the time Alward said the benefits would have to outweigh the risks for New Brunswickers and he expressed concern there would be a request for government investment.

Now Alward says his priority is to get Lepreau up and running.

Alward says he wants the plant back on the grid by February 2012 and other things will take care of themselves after.

Meanwhile, the vice-president of Areva Canada says his company signed a deal with NB Power and the province, not the Liberals.

He says the company signed the agreement in July and it’s not doing politics.