ROTHESAY, N.B.- The NDP’s candidate in the June 25th by-election in Rothesay says one of his main challenges is to change the perception that his party isn’t ready for prime time.

Provincial party leader Dominic Cardy was acclaimed at a nominating convention last night that drew about 50 people.

Cardy says the issue of patronage will play a big part in the campaign after MLA Margaret Ann Blaney resigned her seat and was named CEO of Efficiency NB. “It’s the one that I’m hearing from everyone on the doorstep”, says Cardy. “That includes huge numbers of Tories who are saying ‘I voted for Margaret Ann(Blaney) the last election I voted for David Alward but I’m so disappointed. He said he was going to do things differently’. For the Liberals, now two years out of power to come out and say we’re going to do things differently…people are just viewing that for the cynical line that it is”.

Cardy will spend much of the next three weeks in the Rothesay area as he and his wife have rented an apartment in the area for the duration of the campaign.