MONCTON, NB – The province’s Transportation Minister is reversing the so-called “three-house policy”.

Last year, Claude Williams had announced a plan to stop using government plows on roads with fewer than three houses.

The change would have meant up to 250 homeowners on 176 rural routes would have to pay out of pocket to have their roads plowed in the winter.

But Williams says he received considerable feedback since the policy was announced last fall… and it’s felt that it would be unfair to withdraw service to these residents –  many of whom are seniors who have lived in their homes for years.

“We’ve looked at it.  We’ve looked at the impact and at the end of the day we’re not talking big money.” says Williams.

Williams says the cost of maintaining the 90 kilometers of  rural road amounts to about 130-thousand dollars.

He says the department has managed to make up the savings elsewhere.

Williams points out the decision only applies to roads where homes already exist and people who build on future roads with less than three homes will have to pay their own way.