HAMPTON – Hampton RCMP are reminding residents to lock their vehicles as new theft numbers emerge.

The Mounties say 125 vehicle owners in the area have had their vehicles stolen, or items taken from them, this year.

But they say of the 86 cases of thefts from vehicles, there were only two cases where the doors were locked.

“Many people have the false assumption that vehicle thefts are a crime that happens in the city,” says Inspector John Warr, the officer in charge of District 3 RCMP. “As we’ve seen, these types of thefts happen in rural areas as well. These are often crimes of opportunity so in many cases people can avoid becoming a victim by simply locking their vehicles and removing valuables from plain sight.”

The RCMP investigation has shown there is no particular make or model of vehicle being targeted.

The common issues are vehicles being left unlocked, valuable items being left in plain view, and in the case of vehicle theft, the keys not being taken out of the vehicle.

RCMP and auxiliary constables will be out at various locations this month, tucking leaflets under windshield wipers, reminding vehicle owners to lock their cars and trucks, and hide or remove all valuables.