SAINT JOHN, N.B. – Common council held a special meeting last night to deal with a couple of major issues facing the city.

The budget vote, however, was put off until Monday night’s council meeting so the city could deal with the pension which they hope to have in place by January 1st.

Mayor  Mel Norton says a long term disability plan has to be put in place before the change over to the new shared risk pension plan. “One of the challenges in converting to the shared risk plan is changing the way that the long term disability payments are provided to our employees.”

Councillor Susan Fullerton however feels council needs to slow down. “Next week is Christmas week. I, for one, am booked up every night except for council night and I don’t want to be in here figuring this thing out with other people whose minds aren’t on it either.”

Council found out at last night’s meeting that they have to have a long term disability plan in place before the memorandum of understanding on the shared risk pension plan can be completed.