GRAND BAY-WESTFIELD, N.B.- Grace Losier is standing by her board’s decision to hire Jack Keir as the executive director for the Region 9 Service Commission

Questions have been raised as to the fairness of the hiring as the former New Brunswick energy minister is friends with several board members.

Losier, who is also the mayor of Grand Bay – Westfield, says Keir is qualified for the position and doesn’t believe his  political past should taint his future plans. “He hasn’t been Minister of Energy for a long,long time”, says Losier. “For anyone who says that I guess I would say that there is life after politics and people have a right to gain employment”.

Losier stresses that all resumes for the province-wide job ad were handled by a separate HR firm and that Keir’s experience as the general manager of Fundy Solid Waste and the Harbour Bridge Authority set him apart from the other candidates.