SAINT JOHN – Saint John Police will have roadside checks set up throughout the city tonight, hunting for drunk drivers among New Year’s revelers.

Sgt. Jeff Lafrance of the Traffic Division says they’ll also be watching for seatbelt violations and other issues, but drinking and driving will be their focus.

“We don’t typically have any more issues with impaireds on New Year’s Eve than on any other weekend,” Lafrance says. “But still, the opportunity – or the chances – are greater that someone may decide to drink and drive on New Year’s Eve.”

Lafrance says the usual punishment for being found guilty of impaired driving is a year-long licence suspension, $1,000 fine, and a likely jump in insurance premiums.

He also reminds drivers that New Brunswick has a zero-tolerance policy for drivers with alcohol in their system.

Drivers that cannot be charged with impaired driving may still have a week-long licence suspension.