SAINT JOHN, N.B.- While many of us may be warm in our homes with feel-like temperatures reaching the minus 30′s, there are others who are left in the cold with no where to go.

A wind chill warning remains in effect with highs today of only minus 17 with extreme wind chills expected

Nelson Watkins, who drives the Salvation Army Emergency Van in Saint John, says they are out on the streets of the city trying to help people stay warm. “Basically what we try to do is get them in out of the cold even if it’s only for a short while”, says Watkins. “So if we take them on board the vehicle with us, just get them war, get a hot cup of coffee into them, that helps”.

Watkins says if anyone wants to help by donating blankets,warm clothing or even  coffee or hot chocolate they can call him at 654-2493