Forecasters are keeping a close eye on a storm that’s expected to dump about 30 centimetres of snow on the Maritimes and U.S. Northeast this weekend.

Meteorologist Richard Zurawski says two pulses of snow are expected – the first beginning Saturday morning will dump about 20 centimetres, with another 10 centimetres forecast for Sunday.

But Zurawski warns that’s subject to change as the storm gets closer and can be better predicted.

He says one thing that does look like a certainty is whiteout conditions, with wind gusts between 60 and 80 kilometres an hour.

“This a real Nor’easter.   It’s going to slam Moncton and it’s going hit Cape Breton and Northern Nova Scotia the hardest.  Of course, Halifax is going to feel a lot of that, and Saint John, not so much.

As for today’s conditions, it’s still very cold, with the windchill around minus 35. That is expected to continue into tomorrow.