SAINT JOHN, N.B.- There was a lot of cleaning up to do yesterday, as residents dug out after Saturday’s blizzard.

Meteorologist Richard Zurawski says around 30 centimetres fell in the Saint John region, but that total can be deceiving because high winds caused blowing and drifting…

Zurawski says the winds made for messy conditions, causing whiteouts and zero visibility in some areas. “The big issue with the storm was the wind”, says Zurawski. “We recorded some unbelievable winds. Digby through Yarmouth, Nova Scotia had winds between 140 and 161 kilometres an hour. This was quite a storm”

Saint John Transit shut down services for the day, and most stores were closed.

The snow banks may be high this morning, but they could be reduced significantly over the next couple of days.

Zurawski says temperatures are expected to increase.

Five to ten centimetres of a snow/rain mix is forecast for tonight following by another five centimetres of straight rain.