SAINT JOHN, N.B.- Thousands of Saint John households continue to be under a boil water order this morning.

The boil order was issued Saturday at the height of a storm that brought snow and blizzard like conditions to the area.

Saint John Fire Chief Kevin Clifford, who also heads the city’s Emergency Measures Organization, says it appears people prepared themselves for the weekend weather. “I’m glad that folks have also been mindful of the 72 hour Emergency Preparedness”, says Clifford. “I get a sense from the activity that was happening in the shopping malls over the past couple of days that folks have been going out and buying those water supplies, the batteries and the crank radios”.

The boil order for affected residents in the north end, the uptown, south-central peninsula, as well as Rockwood Park and Millidgeville could be in place for another few days.

Public Health Official Doctor Scott Giffin will provide a further update later this morning.