MONCTON, N.B. – Federal Justice minister Rob Nicholson is meeting with stakeholders today in Moncton on the government’s safe streets and communities plan.

The plan features legislation to hold violent criminals accountable for their crimes including tougher penalties for child sexual offences.

There’s also legislation to enhance the rights of victims and increase efficiency in the justice system.

Victim’s advocate Ron Davis says he’ll be telling the minister about the need to remove roadblocks for those who have been affected by crime.

“As an example, if you didn’t have a credit card you’d never get to a parole hearing because you wouldn’t be able to afford to book a hotel or travel.  Those are areas that I think government can look in and make it a little bit easier.  Sometimes the victim is treated like the offender when you’re dealing with certain departments.”

Critics of the proposed legislation say it won’t be effective, will cost more money and will focus more on punishment rather than rehabilitation especially when it comes to young offenders.