SAINT JOHN, N.B.  – Searchers are continuing to scourer Saint John in an effort to find a missing teen.

Gen Cormier was last seen September 29th in the parking lot of the Reversing Falls restuarant.

Community search organizer Amanda Hensey says while small search groups canvass Saint John during the week, larger searches are planned for the weekend.

“Metal detectors are planning to get together to form a line to try and find a cell phone or anything like that. The next big search will probably be Saturday.”

Jay Henderson, of the Saint John Police Force,  describes the case as disturbing.

“Personally, I have never seen a missing person’s case like this. Usually something would surface by now. But we do not have any physical evidence at this point in time.”

A reward of $10,000 is being offered for tips that lead police to Gen Cormier.